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Chengdu Bowl成都碗 x CHARGE

Chengdu Bowl成都碗 x CHARGE
Chengdu Bowl成都碗 x CHARGE

Valid Duration & Location

11 Nov 2023, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Singapore, Wallich St, Singapore

About the Voucher

This event aims to promote fitness, well-being, and community engagement, followed by complimentary drinks at Chengdu Bowl's restaurant.

Date and Time

11 Nov 2023, 1030am - 12pm

Event Flow

1. Outdoor Workout Session (30 mins): Location: DTP Green Playground

2. Post-Workout Relaxation (5 mins): Participants can unwind with a cool-down session and stretch

3. Transfer to Chengdu Bowl: After the workout, participants will walk to Chengdu Bowl's restaurant.

4. FREE Drinks at Chengdu Bowl:

  • A complimentary refreshing drink for each participant
  • 10% OFF Food: Specially made healthier Chengdu Bowl, the warm salad bowls with a Sichuan twist, along with, to enjoy Mala without guilt.

Physical Well-being

Participants will engage in a healthy and active outdoor workout, promoting physical fitness and wellness.

Community Building

This event fosters a sense of community as participants come together to exercise and dine.

Culinary Experience

Chengdu Bowl's delicious cuisine provides a delightful reward after the workout.


The event serves as an opportunity to promote both Charge’s program and Chengdu Bowl's restaurant.

We believe that this combination of an outdoor workout led by Charge and drinks at Chengdu Bowl will create a memorable experience for participants. It encourages a balanced lifestyle, promotes Charge and Chengdu Bowl, and strengthens community bonds.

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